Fading Suns - The Night Road

Last Battle Lost World

The shuttle continues to be repaired and will take about 2 days, roughly the time the Hazat fleet shows up.

Lord Roman Decados gets communication from Oren Tursky who says he will be loyal to him as they need each other. Roman agrees but is still cautious of Oren.

Kavash speaks with some rebel ascorbites who say they want to leave and go back to Severus with him. They tell him there are about 800 who want to go with. A little later the ascorbite leader asks Kavash to help him prevent the 800 from leaving. They argue and agree to disagree.

Later in the evening the ascorbites feast as the tower fires a scheduled charge into space.

Je’menna say she senses a taint from the tower on Deacon Simeon. Simeon decides to go into meditation in hopes to cleans himself. When he does he has strange visions of the tower and understand that the tower is broken and it is sucking the life from the Vrishna around it.

The next day the group heads back into the Vrishna where they see that water is now seeping into it. Kavash is able to communicate with it. Simeon thinks who can use his prayers long enough the block the tower. The Vrishna thinks this will be enough to allow it to leave. It will not save it but it does want to day in space with its brethren.

Kavash is also now able to communicate with the Vrishna in space who say they can use help him get back to Severus and they have a way of loading passenger. They group agrees and they plan a pick up.

Kavash is once again approached by the leader of the ascorbites and says that in order the lead the people he must kill him. Kavash knocks him out with psy and convinces the ascorbites to follow him.

Simeon heals the wounded Vrishna and it leaves into space and dies. The other Vrishna come down and pick up the group and the ascorbites. Simeon and Je’menna stay on the planet.

When they make it into space the encounter the Hazat/Urth Orthadox fleet. They receive a communication from Bishop Vasili Van Gelder who demands they surrender and hand over Simeon as a heretic for smuggling a powerful psychic. The group refuses and a huge battle ensues with the Hazat able to out maneuver the Vrishna and Lady Carina Dulcina de Volca’s superior tactics. Kavash is able to psych link with Carina, bypass her psychics and knock her out.

The Hazat also release boarding ships into the lead Vrishna and onto the planet. Simeon is able to knock out all the soldiers with his Faith. Kavash heads off the Hazat troops and almost looses his arm.

Lord Roman and Brother Cassius are able to make a final push and destroy the Hazat who than surrender.

They bring Sir Miguel Dulcina who was commanding a ship and had been insulted by Roman years ago. He demands a duel. Roman agrees but says without energy shields. The two cut each other up but Roman is able to kill him just before Miguel puts his rapier through Roman’s eye.

Roman and Kavash take the Vrishna fleet back to Severus (discovering a new jump from the lost world) and lead an attack breaking the Decados rule on the planet. Roman kills his father and hands his sister over the the ascorbites she had enslaved.

Simeon and Je’menna remain on the lost world and start to build a new church with the Hazat marines and the few pilgrims who Simeon brings over.

Cassius leaves the brother battle and joins Kristina in becoming a sathrist.

Space battle

Into the Abyss

- group gets feeling Nadja is going to try something. When they leave for the planet they take Kristina with them. Nadja doesn’t want to go but Simeon grabs her for forces her to come as they leave.

- Land, surround by local ascorbites. Kavash convinces that they are friendly.

- Group sees large tower in the water about 400 ft high. Suddenly the ascorbites surround it and start chanting. The tower than fires light into the air.

- Group decides to visit the tower. Ascorbites show them how to get there. Je’menna warns them saying only danger exists there. Simeon stays behind but the rest continue on.

- They go under ground and into a Vrishna who seems to be suffering under water. Group realizes the tower goes right through the Vrishna.

- They reach and try to open the tower but are unsuccessful. Cassius sends his men to bring back explosives. The explosives also fail to open the tower.

- Khavesh hears his own voice speaking to him. His voice tells him to use the power of the tower and use against the Decados back on Severus.

- The group feels nauseous, puke some black icor and pass out when they return. They don’t wake up for two days until Simeon uses his prayers to heal them.

- Simeon looks at the tower with his monocle and can see energy flowing through it. The group decides to investigate and uses the monocle to see how to enter. Simeon joins them and the group goes up in the tower which creates a projection of the Lost World. Simeon uses the control to move the projection out to the incoming ships where he sees 5 church ships and 10 Hazat ships. Uses the next control to target a Hazat ship. The rooom lights up and then the door opens.

When they return they see Cassius’ men have been taken out and Nadja and Kristina are free. On of the Brother Battle says it was Kavesh who attacked them. They head back to the shuttle and see it taking off. Kavesh uses his Mind Grapple to force Kristina to land the ship but the ship crashes. Everyone on board is hurt and the ship will take time to repair.

Dark lost world2

The Lost World

As the Zharkiy passes through the jumpgate the crew experiences Sathra giving them strange dreams of the lost planet. Kavash dreams of a world covered by ocean with red islands. On one of those islands exists a tribe of ascorbites that have fully developed forearms. They making a chanting noise as the surround him.

Cassius sees himself surrounded by simple folk on the planet. He is with Kristina and at peace in the community they built.

Deacon Simeon sees himself wearing the garments for the Patriarch surrounded by hundred thousands followers on the planet looking to him for guidance.

Lord Roman Decados sees himself on the cliff of an island overlooking the ocean. In the distance gigantic living ships sit in wait. He turns and see two [[:je-menna | Je’menna]’s]. One tries to convince him to go to planet speaking of the power and glory he will find there. The other tells him turn back as the planet is too dangerous. He decides to continue on to the planet.

Everyone in a sathra daze. Ship is spinning and has taken inor damage. They head toward 4th planet.

Kavash gets request to meet with Gilesh. He is missing. He gets Roman to distract Nadja while he sneaks into her room. He finds Gilesh in hidden section tortured and missing a claw. Cuts of claw Mredl and puts her in hidden chamber.

Je’menna asks Cassius if she can speak with Kristina. He agrees but stays in the room. They talk about nothing but he realizes they a communicating through telepathy. After Je’menna leaves he asks Kristina what they spoke about but she won’t tell him.

Je’menna is acting different and seduces Simeon.

Gilesh tells Kavash he overheard Nadja talking to Tursky that the crew is loyal to Nadja. They do some investigation and find a third is loyal to Nadja while 2/3 are loyal to Tursky and Tursky is loyal and sleeping with Nadja.

As they reach orbit they see 20 strange giant size living ships orbit the planet. They become worried that they might be Symbiot ships but that is not the case.

Group sends boarding party. Kavash communicates with ship and finds out they are called Vrishna, an alien race that came the world with the Vau and the ascorbites. They have been stuck here since then. The Vrishna then warns them to leave. Je’menna’s Urge comes full force and she starts forcing the ships defenses on the group. They manage to knock her down and Simeon starts to heal her. Kavash and Simeon realizes that if she uses her powers much more the urge will come back in full force.

Group heads back to the ship and detect the jumpgate opening.


Through the Gate

Group leaves Pandemonium

Lady Nadja brings aboard extra soldiers to replace the ones who died in the battle with the Sathrists. As gives Lord Roman a Decados courtesan.

As they leave get contacted by Lady Carina Dulcina de Volca who requests to join them. She offers to bring a number of ships for protection. They counter that she can come but only with a single ship. Lady Carina agrees and requests to have dinner with them before they jump.

Je’menna has warmed to Deacon Simeon and tells him that in order for her to open the Jump Gate they will need to remove the psychic inhibitor else the pain could possibly kill her. She also tells him that they need to deactivate the sathra dampener as it blocks her connection to the gate.

Simeon lets Roman know about needing to remove the cybernetic from Je’menna’s head. They contact the Charioteers back on Pandemonium and find an Engineer ship on route. They make contact and the engineer agrees to assist Roman to permanently deactivate the cybernetic instead of installing a switch (though refuses the church).

When they dock with the ship Kavash, Roman, and Gilesh create a plot where they knock out Ch’v or Mredl and replaces her. When Lady Carina comes aboard he shoots her saying he was under orders of Nadja. They succeed in replacing Ch’v when Kavash seperates him from Mredl and than mind blasts him. They then prepare for the dinner.

Deacon Simeon tells Brother Cassius about having to deactivate the Sathra Dampener. Cassius tells him he’ll handle it and goes to the ship’s engineer, Jedik, who completes the task.

The operation is a success and the engineer is able to deactivate the cybernetic. Roman, Nadja and Je’menna return to their ship.

As they get closer to the jumpgate they notice three Hazat Frigates and Simeon demands to speak with Lady Carina. He asks what those ships are doing and Lady Carina tells him that the deal has changed. The Deacon order and immediate retreat from the jump gate but the Hazat ships start to pursue. As they get closer Simeon asks if Je’menna can do anything. She says she can control Lady Carina but it will drain her completely and she’ll need time to rest. Simeon has her control Lady Carina’s mind and the ships leave.

The Zharkiy turns around and heads back toward the jumpgate waiting for Je’menna to wake up. The Hazat ships start to come back around and get in firing range when Je’menna finally wakes. The fire a warning shot. Je’menna completes the jumpgate and it open. As the Zharkiy passes through it takes a hit.



Kavash speaks with Mredl about their mission for Lady Nadja Decados. Mredl is reluctant but Kavash get him to trust. Mredl tell him that Nadja plan on killing Roman and claiming the title for herself.

Group heads down to Pandemonium.

Speak with spacedock personal. Find out Kristina was upset about a ship not arriving.

Send out intelligence and capture member of Sathra coven. Question them and find where the coven is hiding.

Attack the coven. At same time Favyana try to rescue Je’menna from Deacon Simeon. Battle is short. Kristina tries to escape but Brother Cassius manages to catch her. Her tries to knock her out but she puts a bomb on his Adept Robes knocking them out. He get out the battle with swords. He manages to overpower her.

During the fight they spot and capture an ascorbite who almost kills Kavesh. They manage to capture him along with some Favyana.

Capture and question prisoners. Find out the Kristina is with a Sathra Coven who is trying to get to a Lost World to escape the persecution of the church. She tries to get Cassius to remember the time they experienced the Sathra effect. Both Kristina and Gilesh, the captured ascorbite, agree to tell them where the jump key is if they take them along.

Deacon Simeon quetions the Favyana and Jemenna and find that they were trying to rescue her. Jemenna bug Simeon to spare their lives and in return she will cooperate.

The group takes a shuttle out to city that had been destroyed during Pandemonium’s decline. They found a warehouse with equipment that looks like it belong to The Engineers. They take the key and return.


Long Road Short Road

Roman Decados and Deacon Simeon try to send out spied and gather intelligence in hopes to catch Kristina Bandish but she manages to stay one step ahead of them.

The group decides to follow her and they board the Zharkiy, a Decados Frigate and immediately set off.

Deacon Simeon find Je’menna in his room and begins to question her to see what she knows about the mission. She does not seem to know much, only that she had a vision of a partially made Jumpgate opening and that she is to be used by the church.

Kavash Vindii walks by Simeon’s room and feels pain in his head as he gets closer to his room. He knocks but Simeon tries to shoe him away. He gets Roman and Brother Cassius. When they arrive Simeon opens the door and explains that the girl is to help them with the mission to open the gate. Kavash notices the pain is coming from the girl.

Cassius runs into the engineer of the ship, Jedik who tells Cassius that he use to belong to the Engineer Guild and was released for a drug habit. Jedik says he has it under control and the Decados and not to picky about the past of their engineers.

Kavash speaks with Lady Nadja’s ascorbites, Ch’v and Mredl who tell him they completely server Nadja. They repeat “serve or die”.

Roman finds out that Nadja is on board and has taken his room. He consents but schemes to remove her as she flirts with him.

As the ship prepares to make its first jump from Severus to Cadiz Cassius spies on the engineer who he sees tamper with Sathra dampener and then head into a cubby hole in the engines. Cassius arrests Jedik for the tampering and has two Brother Battle apprentices guard him while he hides in the whole. When the ship passes through he feels a slight Sathra effect, not quite filling the longing he seeks from the first time he felt Sathra.

When they reach Cadiz and wait for another ship to open the jumpgate Nadja tells Roman that she know a Baron, Piotr Decados who has jumpkey that get take them to Pandemonium without waiting. Nadja tells them that Piotr will only help if Roman agrees to take her to the down to Pandemonium and includes her in the mission. Roman reluctantly agrees. Roman than contacts Piotr directly and makes a counter offer so he won’t owe his sister.

While they wait Simeon tries to get Je’menna to trust him. They talk for awhile but she won’t open up and insists that the church and Simeon plan on killing her as a heretic as soon as the mission is over. He is then contacted by Roman saying Piotr is boarding.

Everyone meets with Piotr and when Nadja finds out that Roman was dealing behind her back she freaks and a bidding war starts. Simeon arrives and notices that Piotr has a pendant that has Ur marking. He reaches for a monocle that helps identify Ur items but realizes it is gone.

Simeon rushes back his room and finds Je’menna grabing her head and screaming in pain. Simeon tries to calm her but their is nothing he can do and decides to use the psychic remote given to him by Bishop Vasili Van Gelder which causes her one last scream then she passes out. Simeon than find his monocle hidden on her from when she stole it.

When Simeon returns the bidding war continues with Nadja offering land on Severus and her hand in marriage. Simeon has had enough and has Piotr meet with him and Cassius. They then make a deal three times what Roman was offering and convince him that Nadja will not be able to uphold the land and marriage contracts. Piotr agrees.

Piotr gets the Zharkiy to Pandemonium. On-route from the jumpgate to the planet they get in contact with the Charioteer freighter that Kristina was on. They contact if and find out that Kristina was on the ship but going under another name.


Severus Quest

The group heads to Severus. Lord Roman Decados has a meeting with his father, Duke Kalos Decados and Deacon Simeon has a meeting with Biship Bishop Vasili Van Gelder at the Cathedral.

At the cathedral the Bishop tells Simeon that they have gotten news of his quest for the jump key on Severus. He would like to try and use the jump key on the non-operation gate at Pandemonium. He also introduces Simeon to Je’menna, a 15 year old Obun girl who is shackled and has a cybernetic device stretching across the right side of her face. She is a powerful psychic who has an affinity to Ur devices. The cybernetic device causes her pain and nausea preventing her from controlling her abilities. She is to be used to connect to the jump gate.

Roman and Kavash Vindii meet with the Duke who is in a bath of a red liquid and three skinny woman combs his hair massage and clean him. The Duke questions his son about his motives and if his fealty is to the Phoenix or the Decados. Roman tells his father that he is hear on a quest but can’t tell him the details. Roman’s sister, Nadja enter with her two ascorbite servants. She begs her father to let her go with Roman. Roman argues against it but his father decides to let her go. Kavash telepathically communicates with ascorbites and finds out how they were forced into servitude and made to believe that Nadja is their new hive mother.

The next day the group assembles and they head out into the Severus jungles to find a jumpkey that opens the gate in Pandemonium. It is known to be among Kavash’s tribe. Why it is there is unknown.

The group takes some small rusted out flitters. As they are on route they see two bombers pass them. The pilot tells Roman they are fire bombing the ascorbites as the Duke has started new mining operations and the ascorbites attacked. Roman opens communications with the pilots of the bombers but is unable to convince them not to drop their bombs.

They land in the clearing the bombs created and Kavash notices an ascorbite scout. He manages to convince them that they are not with the bombers and can help. The ascorbite agrees to let him follow.

Suddenly, another ascorbite tribe attacks having been bombed out of their homes they seek new land. A fierce fight starts between the tribes and the group is caught inbetween. They fight their way out and make it to Kavash’s old hive.

At the bottom of the hive they find the key but something isn’t right. Simeon recognizes it as a key that belong to Brother Battle going from Severus to De Moley. Cassius confirms and notes that it was stolen by Kristina Bandish soon after she killed the Bishop.

The group leaves and asks the pilot the nearest point where he would land a craft (that wasn’t bombed out). The pilot takes them to a mesa that had been cleared. The group finds that a Vengir Shuttle had landed there recently.

The head to the agora and ask the charioteer if any Vengir shuttles were in use and the charioteer notes three. One specifically docked with a transport heading to Pademonium. The group thinks that is Kristina’s ship and plan to follow.



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