Reign Conversion Rule

Martial Path:


Strike/Parry lvl 1 – Remove multiple action penalty when dueling.

Slow blade penatrates the shield lvl 2 – Reduce damage to 1k. This bypasses any damage from a shield.

Tactical Retribution lvl 3 – once per duel add your Tactics skill to dueling roll.

Power Attack lvl 4 – Do an all out attack. If you width is equal to or greater than the number of hits on your opponents shield it shuts down.

Wyrd points:

For each Theurgic ritual or Psychic power used beyond the first there is a cumulative -1 dice penalty that last during the scene.

If an ability says +1 wyrd for an additional effect that will add an additional -1 dice penalty for each wyrd point spent. A user is limited to spending total wyrd equal to his faith/psy score.

Certain abilities or items may contain extra wyrd points. These can be spend to remove the penalties.


Shield of faith p210 – Casts as shield that protects the user from harm similar to an energy shield. The protective rating is equal to the width (max 4). Shield can take number of hits equal to height. +1 wyrd allows you to protect an ally near you.

The Laying on Hand p209 – Allows to heal allies (cannot heal self). The healer chooses a location. When healing can choose 1.
Heal shock = width+1.
Heal killing = width. Killing damage is taken onto the healer as shock in same location.

Reign Conversion Rule

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