Fading Suns - The Night Road

Through the Gate

Group leaves Pandemonium

Lady Nadja brings aboard extra soldiers to replace the ones who died in the battle with the Sathrists. As gives Lord Roman a Decados courtesan.

As they leave get contacted by Lady Carina Dulcina de Volca who requests to join them. She offers to bring a number of ships for protection. They counter that she can come but only with a single ship. Lady Carina agrees and requests to have dinner with them before they jump.

Je’menna has warmed to Deacon Simeon and tells him that in order for her to open the Jump Gate they will need to remove the psychic inhibitor else the pain could possibly kill her. She also tells him that they need to deactivate the sathra dampener as it blocks her connection to the gate.

Simeon lets Roman know about needing to remove the cybernetic from Je’menna’s head. They contact the Charioteers back on Pandemonium and find an Engineer ship on route. They make contact and the engineer agrees to assist Roman to permanently deactivate the cybernetic instead of installing a switch (though refuses the church).

When they dock with the ship Kavash, Roman, and Gilesh create a plot where they knock out Ch’v or Mredl and replaces her. When Lady Carina comes aboard he shoots her saying he was under orders of Nadja. They succeed in replacing Ch’v when Kavash seperates him from Mredl and than mind blasts him. They then prepare for the dinner.

Deacon Simeon tells Brother Cassius about having to deactivate the Sathra Dampener. Cassius tells him he’ll handle it and goes to the ship’s engineer, Jedik, who completes the task.

The operation is a success and the engineer is able to deactivate the cybernetic. Roman, Nadja and Je’menna return to their ship.

As they get closer to the jumpgate they notice three Hazat Frigates and Simeon demands to speak with Lady Carina. He asks what those ships are doing and Lady Carina tells him that the deal has changed. The Deacon order and immediate retreat from the jump gate but the Hazat ships start to pursue. As they get closer Simeon asks if Je’menna can do anything. She says she can control Lady Carina but it will drain her completely and she’ll need time to rest. Simeon has her control Lady Carina’s mind and the ships leave.

The Zharkiy turns around and heads back toward the jumpgate waiting for Je’menna to wake up. The Hazat ships start to come back around and get in firing range when Je’menna finally wakes. The fire a warning shot. Je’menna completes the jumpgate and it open. As the Zharkiy passes through it takes a hit.




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