Fading Suns - The Night Road

The Lost World

As the Zharkiy passes through the jumpgate the crew experiences Sathra giving them strange dreams of the lost planet. Kavash dreams of a world covered by ocean with red islands. On one of those islands exists a tribe of ascorbites that have fully developed forearms. They making a chanting noise as the surround him.

Cassius sees himself surrounded by simple folk on the planet. He is with Kristina and at peace in the community they built.

Deacon Simeon sees himself wearing the garments for the Patriarch surrounded by hundred thousands followers on the planet looking to him for guidance.

Lord Roman Decados sees himself on the cliff of an island overlooking the ocean. In the distance gigantic living ships sit in wait. He turns and see two [[:je-menna | Je’menna]’s]. One tries to convince him to go to planet speaking of the power and glory he will find there. The other tells him turn back as the planet is too dangerous. He decides to continue on to the planet.

Everyone in a sathra daze. Ship is spinning and has taken inor damage. They head toward 4th planet.

Kavash gets request to meet with Gilesh. He is missing. He gets Roman to distract Nadja while he sneaks into her room. He finds Gilesh in hidden section tortured and missing a claw. Cuts of claw Mredl and puts her in hidden chamber.

Je’menna asks Cassius if she can speak with Kristina. He agrees but stays in the room. They talk about nothing but he realizes they a communicating through telepathy. After Je’menna leaves he asks Kristina what they spoke about but she won’t tell him.

Je’menna is acting different and seduces Simeon.

Gilesh tells Kavash he overheard Nadja talking to Tursky that the crew is loyal to Nadja. They do some investigation and find a third is loyal to Nadja while 2/3 are loyal to Tursky and Tursky is loyal and sleeping with Nadja.

As they reach orbit they see 20 strange giant size living ships orbit the planet. They become worried that they might be Symbiot ships but that is not the case.

Group sends boarding party. Kavash communicates with ship and finds out they are called Vrishna, an alien race that came the world with the Vau and the ascorbites. They have been stuck here since then. The Vrishna then warns them to leave. Je’menna’s Urge comes full force and she starts forcing the ships defenses on the group. They manage to knock her down and Simeon starts to heal her. Kavash and Simeon realizes that if she uses her powers much more the urge will come back in full force.

Group heads back to the ship and detect the jumpgate opening.




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