Fading Suns - The Night Road

Severus Quest

The group heads to Severus. Lord Roman Decados has a meeting with his father, Duke Kalos Decados and Deacon Simeon has a meeting with Biship Bishop Vasili Van Gelder at the Cathedral.

At the cathedral the Bishop tells Simeon that they have gotten news of his quest for the jump key on Severus. He would like to try and use the jump key on the non-operation gate at Pandemonium. He also introduces Simeon to Je’menna, a 15 year old Obun girl who is shackled and has a cybernetic device stretching across the right side of her face. She is a powerful psychic who has an affinity to Ur devices. The cybernetic device causes her pain and nausea preventing her from controlling her abilities. She is to be used to connect to the jump gate.

Roman and Kavash Vindii meet with the Duke who is in a bath of a red liquid and three skinny woman combs his hair massage and clean him. The Duke questions his son about his motives and if his fealty is to the Phoenix or the Decados. Roman tells his father that he is hear on a quest but can’t tell him the details. Roman’s sister, Nadja enter with her two ascorbite servants. She begs her father to let her go with Roman. Roman argues against it but his father decides to let her go. Kavash telepathically communicates with ascorbites and finds out how they were forced into servitude and made to believe that Nadja is their new hive mother.

The next day the group assembles and they head out into the Severus jungles to find a jumpkey that opens the gate in Pandemonium. It is known to be among Kavash’s tribe. Why it is there is unknown.

The group takes some small rusted out flitters. As they are on route they see two bombers pass them. The pilot tells Roman they are fire bombing the ascorbites as the Duke has started new mining operations and the ascorbites attacked. Roman opens communications with the pilots of the bombers but is unable to convince them not to drop their bombs.

They land in the clearing the bombs created and Kavash notices an ascorbite scout. He manages to convince them that they are not with the bombers and can help. The ascorbite agrees to let him follow.

Suddenly, another ascorbite tribe attacks having been bombed out of their homes they seek new land. A fierce fight starts between the tribes and the group is caught inbetween. They fight their way out and make it to Kavash’s old hive.

At the bottom of the hive they find the key but something isn’t right. Simeon recognizes it as a key that belong to Brother Battle going from Severus to De Moley. Cassius confirms and notes that it was stolen by Kristina Bandish soon after she killed the Bishop.

The group leaves and asks the pilot the nearest point where he would land a craft (that wasn’t bombed out). The pilot takes them to a mesa that had been cleared. The group finds that a Vengir Shuttle had landed there recently.

The head to the agora and ask the charioteer if any Vengir shuttles were in use and the charioteer notes three. One specifically docked with a transport heading to Pademonium. The group thinks that is Kristina’s ship and plan to follow.




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