Fading Suns - The Night Road


Kavash speaks with Mredl about their mission for Lady Nadja Decados. Mredl is reluctant but Kavash get him to trust. Mredl tell him that Nadja plan on killing Roman and claiming the title for herself.

Group heads down to Pandemonium.

Speak with spacedock personal. Find out Kristina was upset about a ship not arriving.

Send out intelligence and capture member of Sathra coven. Question them and find where the coven is hiding.

Attack the coven. At same time Favyana try to rescue Je’menna from Deacon Simeon. Battle is short. Kristina tries to escape but Brother Cassius manages to catch her. Her tries to knock her out but she puts a bomb on his Adept Robes knocking them out. He get out the battle with swords. He manages to overpower her.

During the fight they spot and capture an ascorbite who almost kills Kavesh. They manage to capture him along with some Favyana.

Capture and question prisoners. Find out the Kristina is with a Sathra Coven who is trying to get to a Lost World to escape the persecution of the church. She tries to get Cassius to remember the time they experienced the Sathra effect. Both Kristina and Gilesh, the captured ascorbite, agree to tell them where the jump key is if they take them along.

Deacon Simeon quetions the Favyana and Jemenna and find that they were trying to rescue her. Jemenna bug Simeon to spare their lives and in return she will cooperate.

The group takes a shuttle out to city that had been destroyed during Pandemonium’s decline. They found a warehouse with equipment that looks like it belong to The Engineers. They take the key and return.




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