Fading Suns - The Night Road

Long Road Short Road

Roman Decados and Deacon Simeon try to send out spied and gather intelligence in hopes to catch Kristina Bandish but she manages to stay one step ahead of them.

The group decides to follow her and they board the Zharkiy, a Decados Frigate and immediately set off.

Deacon Simeon find Je’menna in his room and begins to question her to see what she knows about the mission. She does not seem to know much, only that she had a vision of a partially made Jumpgate opening and that she is to be used by the church.

Kavash Vindii walks by Simeon’s room and feels pain in his head as he gets closer to his room. He knocks but Simeon tries to shoe him away. He gets Roman and Brother Cassius. When they arrive Simeon opens the door and explains that the girl is to help them with the mission to open the gate. Kavash notices the pain is coming from the girl.

Cassius runs into the engineer of the ship, Jedik who tells Cassius that he use to belong to the Engineer Guild and was released for a drug habit. Jedik says he has it under control and the Decados and not to picky about the past of their engineers.

Kavash speaks with Lady Nadja’s ascorbites, Ch’v and Mredl who tell him they completely server Nadja. They repeat “serve or die”.

Roman finds out that Nadja is on board and has taken his room. He consents but schemes to remove her as she flirts with him.

As the ship prepares to make its first jump from Severus to Cadiz Cassius spies on the engineer who he sees tamper with Sathra dampener and then head into a cubby hole in the engines. Cassius arrests Jedik for the tampering and has two Brother Battle apprentices guard him while he hides in the whole. When the ship passes through he feels a slight Sathra effect, not quite filling the longing he seeks from the first time he felt Sathra.

When they reach Cadiz and wait for another ship to open the jumpgate Nadja tells Roman that she know a Baron, Piotr Decados who has jumpkey that get take them to Pandemonium without waiting. Nadja tells them that Piotr will only help if Roman agrees to take her to the down to Pandemonium and includes her in the mission. Roman reluctantly agrees. Roman than contacts Piotr directly and makes a counter offer so he won’t owe his sister.

While they wait Simeon tries to get Je’menna to trust him. They talk for awhile but she won’t open up and insists that the church and Simeon plan on killing her as a heretic as soon as the mission is over. He is then contacted by Roman saying Piotr is boarding.

Everyone meets with Piotr and when Nadja finds out that Roman was dealing behind her back she freaks and a bidding war starts. Simeon arrives and notices that Piotr has a pendant that has Ur marking. He reaches for a monocle that helps identify Ur items but realizes it is gone.

Simeon rushes back his room and finds Je’menna grabing her head and screaming in pain. Simeon tries to calm her but their is nothing he can do and decides to use the psychic remote given to him by Bishop Vasili Van Gelder which causes her one last scream then she passes out. Simeon than find his monocle hidden on her from when she stole it.

When Simeon returns the bidding war continues with Nadja offering land on Severus and her hand in marriage. Simeon has had enough and has Piotr meet with him and Cassius. They then make a deal three times what Roman was offering and convince him that Nadja will not be able to uphold the land and marriage contracts. Piotr agrees.

Piotr gets the Zharkiy to Pandemonium. On-route from the jumpgate to the planet they get in contact with the Charioteer freighter that Kristina was on. They contact if and find out that Kristina was on the ship but going under another name.




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