Fading Suns - The Night Road

Last Battle Lost World

The shuttle continues to be repaired and will take about 2 days, roughly the time the Hazat fleet shows up.

Lord Roman Decados gets communication from Oren Tursky who says he will be loyal to him as they need each other. Roman agrees but is still cautious of Oren.

Kavash speaks with some rebel ascorbites who say they want to leave and go back to Severus with him. They tell him there are about 800 who want to go with. A little later the ascorbite leader asks Kavash to help him prevent the 800 from leaving. They argue and agree to disagree.

Later in the evening the ascorbites feast as the tower fires a scheduled charge into space.

Je’menna say she senses a taint from the tower on Deacon Simeon. Simeon decides to go into meditation in hopes to cleans himself. When he does he has strange visions of the tower and understand that the tower is broken and it is sucking the life from the Vrishna around it.

The next day the group heads back into the Vrishna where they see that water is now seeping into it. Kavash is able to communicate with it. Simeon thinks who can use his prayers long enough the block the tower. The Vrishna thinks this will be enough to allow it to leave. It will not save it but it does want to day in space with its brethren.

Kavash is also now able to communicate with the Vrishna in space who say they can use help him get back to Severus and they have a way of loading passenger. They group agrees and they plan a pick up.

Kavash is once again approached by the leader of the ascorbites and says that in order the lead the people he must kill him. Kavash knocks him out with psy and convinces the ascorbites to follow him.

Simeon heals the wounded Vrishna and it leaves into space and dies. The other Vrishna come down and pick up the group and the ascorbites. Simeon and Je’menna stay on the planet.

When they make it into space the encounter the Hazat/Urth Orthadox fleet. They receive a communication from Bishop Vasili Van Gelder who demands they surrender and hand over Simeon as a heretic for smuggling a powerful psychic. The group refuses and a huge battle ensues with the Hazat able to out maneuver the Vrishna and Lady Carina Dulcina de Volca’s superior tactics. Kavash is able to psych link with Carina, bypass her psychics and knock her out.

The Hazat also release boarding ships into the lead Vrishna and onto the planet. Simeon is able to knock out all the soldiers with his Faith. Kavash heads off the Hazat troops and almost looses his arm.

Lord Roman and Brother Cassius are able to make a final push and destroy the Hazat who than surrender.

They bring Sir Miguel Dulcina who was commanding a ship and had been insulted by Roman years ago. He demands a duel. Roman agrees but says without energy shields. The two cut each other up but Roman is able to kill him just before Miguel puts his rapier through Roman’s eye.

Roman and Kavash take the Vrishna fleet back to Severus (discovering a new jump from the lost world) and lead an attack breaking the Decados rule on the planet. Roman kills his father and hands his sister over the the ascorbites she had enslaved.

Simeon and Je’menna remain on the lost world and start to build a new church with the Hazat marines and the few pilgrims who Simeon brings over.

Cassius leaves the brother battle and joins Kristina in becoming a sathrist.

Space battle



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