Fading Suns - The Night Road

Into the Abyss

- group gets feeling Nadja is going to try something. When they leave for the planet they take Kristina with them. Nadja doesn’t want to go but Simeon grabs her for forces her to come as they leave.

- Land, surround by local ascorbites. Kavash convinces that they are friendly.

- Group sees large tower in the water about 400 ft high. Suddenly the ascorbites surround it and start chanting. The tower than fires light into the air.

- Group decides to visit the tower. Ascorbites show them how to get there. Je’menna warns them saying only danger exists there. Simeon stays behind but the rest continue on.

- They go under ground and into a Vrishna who seems to be suffering under water. Group realizes the tower goes right through the Vrishna.

- They reach and try to open the tower but are unsuccessful. Cassius sends his men to bring back explosives. The explosives also fail to open the tower.

- Khavesh hears his own voice speaking to him. His voice tells him to use the power of the tower and use against the Decados back on Severus.

- The group feels nauseous, puke some black icor and pass out when they return. They don’t wake up for two days until Simeon uses his prayers to heal them.

- Simeon looks at the tower with his monocle and can see energy flowing through it. The group decides to investigate and uses the monocle to see how to enter. Simeon joins them and the group goes up in the tower which creates a projection of the Lost World. Simeon uses the control to move the projection out to the incoming ships where he sees 5 church ships and 10 Hazat ships. Uses the next control to target a Hazat ship. The rooom lights up and then the door opens.

When they return they see Cassius’ men have been taken out and Nadja and Kristina are free. On of the Brother Battle says it was Kavesh who attacked them. They head back to the shuttle and see it taking off. Kavesh uses his Mind Grapple to force Kristina to land the ship but the ship crashes. Everyone on board is hurt and the ship will take time to repair.

Dark lost world2



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